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Sharing your car has numerous benefits. In addition to generating income that can help pay for itself, we also offer the benefit of waiving the deductible in case of any mishaps. The vehicle will only be in our hands when there’s a scheduled rental, ensuring your control and availability. Additionally, we provide the convenience of a fixed fee, tailored to the type of vehicle you share. With all these advantages, sharing your car becomes a safe, profitable, and convenient option.

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At My Circle, we care about providing safe and reliable service to our partners. Below, we present our payment and security policies to ensure a satisfactory experience:

1. Payment at the end of the rental: We understand that unforeseen situations may arise during vacations or emergencies that require our customers to return earlier than planned. Therefore, payment is made to the vehicle owner at the end of the rental, allowing flexibility in case of itinerary changes.

2. Pre-registration of the customer: To ensure the safety of our vehicles and partners, we require pre-registration of our customers. Since all our customers are distant relatives or tourists, we request authenticity through the following documents:
– Passport: To verify the customer’s identity.
– Flight itinerary: To confirm travel dates and ensure they match the rental period.
– Driver’s license: To ensure that the customer meets legal requirements and can operate the vehicle properly.

3. Commitment against theft: Although we have not experienced any theft incidents so far, we understand that security is a significant concern. In the event of a vehicle theft, My Circle will assume responsibility for paying the insurance deductible.

At My Circle, we strive to provide quality service, prioritizing the safety and satisfaction of our partners. Our payment and security policies are designed to offer peace of mind and confidence in every rental. If you have any further questions or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.